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The 10th Asia Pacific Conference on Reproductive and Sexual Health and Rights (APCRSHR10) will be held in Siem Reap, Cambodia from 26th to 29th May, 2020

“Improving Health Equity among Greater Sub-Mekong Region: A Public Health Challenge”


The Faculty of Public Health, Mahidol University collaborating with Asia-Pacific Academic Consortium for Public Health (APACPH) will organize the 51st APACPH conference 2019 under the theme “SDGs in Reality”

The 7th AHLA conference with the main theme Health Literacy in Smart Universal Healthcare, to be held in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, 10th-12th November 2019

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Dự án nghiên cứu dịch tễ học rắn cắn tại thành phố Cần Thơ năm 2018
Viện NCSKCĐ hợp tác với Viện Y học Nhiệt đới Bernhard Nocht, Hamburg, CHLB Đức cùng với Sở Y tế TP Cần Thơ đã triển...
“Nghiên cứu thuần tập về sức khỏe thanh thiếu niên Huế: Nâng cao thị lực và dự phòng các bệnh không lây nhiễm”
Viện Nghiên cứu Sức khoẻ Cộng đồng, Trường Đại học Y Dược Huế phối hợp với Trường Đại học Y Nha Tokyo, Nhật Bản tiến...
Science Cafe tháng 5: "Tại sao phải đặt vấn đề Đạo đức trong nghiên cứu Y học" - GS. Trần Tịnh Hiền
Buổi Cafe khoa học chủ đề "Tại sao phải đặt vấn đề đạo đức trong nghiên cứu Y học" với sự tham gia của GS. Trần Tịnh...
Health risk due to food contamination induced by urban flood - PhD student: Nguyen Thanh Gia
Hue city is located in central Vietnam on the banks of the Huong (perfume) river. The rainy season is from August to...
Science Cafe: Câu chuyện khoa học bên tách Café
Lần đầu tiên hoạt động Café khoa học được tổ chức tại Đại học Y Dược Huế, đây là nơi mà các sinh viên, bác sĩ trẻ có...



The 10th Asia Pacific Conference on Reproductive and Sexual Health and Rights (APCRSHR10) will be held in Siem Reap, Cambodia from 26th to 29th May, 2020. This dynamic regional conference will address the key lessons learned and best practices to address a diverse array of critical topics that demand our united and urgent attention now more than ever before.

The overarching theme of APCRSHR10 is SRHR in Asia Pacific: 2030 Sustainable Development Goal Vision and 2020 Realities. This theme will be explored through six main tracks, each of which is comprised of four sub-themes. Invited plenary speakers will set the foundations for these tracks. Abstract-based parallel sessions will include papers addressing one of these twenty-four sub-themes: 

  1. Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights in the Context of Socioeconomic Development and Equity 
    1. Inclusion of underserved groups in SRHR within the context of rapid economic development
    2. Ensuring SRHR as a priority in achieving UHC
    3. Sustainable and innovative financing to ensure SRHR access to all
    4. Prioritizing resource mobilization and allocation for SRHR in public health expenditures and development assistance
  2. How Changing Socio-cultural Norms Influence Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights
    1. Combatting harmful sociocultural norms affecting SRHR
    2. SRHR in the age of social, political and cultural regression: Challenges and prospects for the way forward
    3. Stigma and discrimination against vulnerable populations in SRHR
    4. Changing norms and driving policy change around SRHR: Best social and behavior change practices 
  3. Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights for Adolescents and Young People
    1. Barriers and facilitators of SRH and FP services for young people
    2. Inclusion and participation of youth in SRHR policy and strategy development 
    3. SRHR programming for adolescents and youth: What works?
    4. Unique SRH vulnerabilities of young people: Risks and mitigation 
  4. Linking Demand and Supply to Improve Sexual and Reproductive Health Services for All
    1. The private sector and delivery of high quality SRHR services
    2. Progress and challenges in making Comprehensive Sexuality Education effective
    3. Innovations in linking SRHR demand generation with service delivery: Evidence-based approaches
    4. Promoting social behavior change: How to improve demand generation for SRHR services
  5. Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights in a Changing and Dynamic World
    1. Innovations and applications of Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) to improve SRHR
    2. Interrelationships between climate change, SRHR, and resilience
    3. SRHR in the context of emergency and humanitarian settings: Unique challenges and needs
    4. Population ageing and SRHR
  6. Integrating STI and HIV and Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights
    1. Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SOGI) and SRHR
    2. Approaches to integrating STI and HIV with SRHR: Evidence-based best practices
    3. Creating an enabling policy and legal environment for integration of HIV/STI and SRHR: Successes and challenges
    4. Unique SRHR needs of key populations affected by HIV/AIDS




***Scholarships Funding***


A limited amount of scholarship funding will be available, with preference given to oral presenters selected through the abstract review process. The first step for researchers interested in applying for scholarship funding is submitting an abstract by October 31, 2019.

A portion of the scholarship funding will also be reserved for key populations, such as young people and LGBTIQ+ identified individuals.

Please monitor our website and Facebook page for forthcoming updates on the scholarship application process. An application with more detailed criteria will be announced in late 2019.

We strongly advise that you register now in order to benefit from the early registration discount. If you are later selected for a scholarship, your registration fee will be refunded to you.

For more information, please contact:

Abstract submission and scientific issues: abstract@apcrshr10cambodia.org

Scholarship applications: scholarship@apcrshr10cambodia.org

Other logistic issues: logistic@apcrshr10cambodia.org