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 In 2018, the 10th GMS-ICPH is themed “Health Equity and Response of Crisis.”

The organizing committee of the 6th AHLA conference is pleased to invite you to participate in the 6th International Health Literacy Conference: A Health Literate Asia and Beyond, to be held in Taichung, Taiwan, October 25th-27th, 2018

“Public Health Challenges in the 21st Century” ​

The theme of the 9th ICPH-GMS (2017), Yangon is “Adopting Healthy Lifestyle: Combating Non-communicable Diseases (NCDs)”. NCDs are the leading causes of death in the GMS countries at present and they create enormous health burden with serious socioeconomic implications.

In order to widen the scientific research themes and strengthen international and national relationships of young researchers and students with other Faculty of Public Health among Southeast Asian countries, Hue University of Medicine and Pharmacy will host The Second Scientific Conference of Young Researchers in April 2018.

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Dự án nghiên cứu dịch tễ học rắn cắn tại thành phố Cần Thơ năm 2018
Viện NCSKCĐ hợp tác với Viện Y học Nhiệt đới Bernhard Nocht, Hamburg, CHLB Đức cùng với Sở Y tế TP Cần Thơ đã triển...
“Nghiên cứu thuần tập về sức khỏe thanh thiếu niên Huế: Nâng cao thị lực và dự phòng các bệnh không lây nhiễm”
Viện Nghiên cứu Sức khoẻ Cộng đồng, Trường Đại học Y Dược Huế phối hợp với Trường Đại học Y Nha Tokyo, Nhật Bản tiến...
People recovering from a first episode of schizophrenia in Hue and Da Nang
A study of their functioning in family, work and community life, and the factors that influence it.
Science Cafe tháng 5: "Tại sao phải đặt vấn đề Đạo đức trong nghiên cứu Y học" - GS. Trần Tịnh Hiền
Buổi Cafe khoa học chủ đề "Tại sao phải đặt vấn đề đạo đức trong nghiên cứu Y học" với sự tham gia của GS. Trần Tịnh...
Viện NCSKCĐ hỗ trợ tiến hành nghiên cứu tình hình bụi phổi Silic tại một số cơ sở khai thác, chế biến đá và sản xuất vật liệu xây dựng tỉnh Bình Định
ThS. Trình Công Tuấn - Phó GĐ Trung Tâm Y tế Dự phòng tỉnh Bình Định với sự hỗ trợ về kỹ thuật và tài chính từ Viện...

Important news: The 2nd Asean conference on Health Impact Assessment 20-21 April 2017, Hue, Vietnam

Call for Abstracts

The 2nd Asean conference on Health Impact Assessment

20-21 April 2017, Hue, Vietnam

1. Concept and Reasons

  • For the last decades, the ASEAN countries have experienced rapid economic development. Besides the obvious benefits, there are increasingly concerns regarding the negative effects of rapid economic growth on the environment, society, health and life quality of the local population.  For many ASEAN countries, economic development is still based on the heavy industry such mining which could result in natural resources  damages, pollution, water and food contamination…  These threats may happen prior or during project implementation and even long after project termination. Therefore, good consultation of different social sectors and an effective monitoring and mitigation system is at utmost importance for preventing and/or reducing any potential negative impact of such projects.
  • To face this problem, Thailand has taken the initiative to apply a concept of Impact Assessment (IA) to Environment and Health Impact Assessment (EHIA) and Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) as stipulated in the Enhancement of Conservation of National Environmental Quality Act (1992) as well as Health Impact Assessment as stipulated in the National Health Act (2007). National Health Commission Office (NHCO), the secretariat body of the National Health Commission and the Health Impact Assessment Commission, in cooperation with Naresuan University have successfully organized the 1st ASEAN Conference on Impact Assessment under the theme “Impact Assessment and Mitigation: Towards ASEAN Engagement and Sustainable Development from 23 - 25 November, 2015 at Phisanulok Province, Thailand.
  • Following the success of the 1st ASEAN Conference on Impact Assessment, Hue University of Medicine and Pharmacy in cooperation with Thailand’s NHCO organize the 2nd ASEAN conference on Health Impact Assessment (HIA) with the theme “Health Impact Assessment for Public Health Policy” from 20-21 April, 2017 at Hue, Vietnam.

2. Objectives                                         

  • To provide an opportunity for exchanging of knowledge, information, experience and sharing the latest research results on Health Impact Assessment in Vietnam, Thailand, ASEAN and other regions.
  • To establish a forum for discussing of current situation of Health Impact Assessment in Vietnam, Thailand and other ASEAN countries.
  • To develop and maintain information database and academic articles on Health impact assessment in Vietnam, Thailand, ASEAN, and international arena.
  • To establish a collaboration network to develop the Health Impact Assessment system in Vietnam, Thailand and among ASEAN member states as well as international arena.

3. Concept Framework  

The 2ndASEAN Conference on Health Impact Assessment under the theme of “Health Impact Assessment for Public Health Policy

4.  Process  

The conference will focus on the exchange of knowledge, technical information, working experience, and latest research results as well as the establishment of future collaboration among various sectors. Following activities will consequently organized namely keynote speech delivery from internationally recognized persons, oral and poster presentation, plenary sessions, parallel sessions and public area for networking. 

5.   Conference Topics, and Presentation of Academic Work                        

  • Health impact assessment
    • Health service
    • Public health policy
  • Occupational Health Assessment
    • Environmental Health Management
    • The impact of PPP on Health in ASEAN and others region
    • Mitigation measure for IA process
  • Community health impact assessment

6.  ABSTRACT Information                                                                                           

  • The abstract should be no more than 250 words, written in English and be structured as follows: Title; Author names and affiliations; Background and Research Questions; Design and Methods; Results: Key Discussion points. Researchers should nominate whether they prefer oral or poster presentation.
  • CAPITALIZE the entire title and UNDERLINE the name of author who will present the paper. Abbreviations must not be used in the title. The text should be typed using single spacing. Do not indent the title and each paragraph.
  • Abbreviations must be defined by placing them in parentheses after the full word the first time they appear. Use numerals to indicate numbers except when beginning sentences.
  • Abstract will appear exactly as submitted. Abstract with smudges, errors, misspellings, incorrect hyphenations, faint typing, etc. (or not conforming to the prescribed rules) will require retyping at the author’s expense
  • CHECK ONE KEY WORD in the abstract submission form, which best categorizes the subject of the abstract.
  • Decisions regarding oral and poster presentations will be made by the Scientific Review Committee.
  • The abstract will be considered and publish on the congress book after the registration complete.
  • Deadline for submission is March 15, 2017.
  • Please submit your abstract online and specify the type of abstract (oral/poster presentation). If you have any problem in submitting the abstract please contact us at stir@huemed-univ.edu.


Please see the website below is very basic information for your registration, before the deadline as 15 March 2017, for your presentation at the conference:  http://hia2017.org/